Our Approach

We are here to empower, enable and mentor your business so you can grow and succeed.

We’ll start from where you are now.

We’ll first enter into open discussions with you about the issues you face and the results you want.

Maybe the consultancy you’re working with just doesn’t ‘get it’ when it comes to your goals. Or an IT project has stalled and you can’t see a way out.

Whatever your status and situation, Qumulus has the specialist skills and experience to navigate you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Always Open

Silos and ivory towers simply don’t cut it around here.

Our approach to every project is open and consultative. Everyone on the team is available and happy to speak to anyone else on the project.

And the world is our oyster when it comes to the talent pool from which we pick and choose the people who’ll work on your project.

Of course, we have our preferred suppliers, but there’s no end to our quest to engage new talent.

It all means you can count on Qumulus to line-up the best people with the right skill set to deliver the brilliance your project needs.

How We Approach
IT Infrastracture Projects


We want you to drive your own business, own your IT processes and be self-sufficient through empowering, enabling and mentoring.


We’re not here to replace your IT team or override your current set-up. We’re here to support you and deliver the systems and software you need – seamlessly.


We know you need optimum efficiency and you can rely on us to use our insights and initiative to ensure you get the ultimate value of your investment.

How We Approach
Software Development Projects


We’re not into big reveals at the end of projects. Instead, we break down assignments into component stages, each with a specific goal, which we’ll collaborate with you to achieve before moving on to the next stage.


No, we don’t wear loud orange jackets while we work. But we do like to retain high visibility throughout a project, always being contactable. And, when relevant, we’ll take a visual approach to problem solving, being big believers in the ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ ethos.


Key team members will be in on the project from the first whistle, so they understand what you need and when you need it. And we’ll gather all the key project components on a one-page document, so all the vital information is always there for all to see.

Why Qumulus?

At Qumulus, we have used our past experience as customers of Software Development providers to
shape the service we wish we had been provided with.

We won’t tell you what we think you want to hear in order to win the contract. That doesn’t work in the long term. We prefer to be upfront and realistic. We also like to operate in a transparent manner using customer-controlled development tools and we don’t maintain internal channels of communication so you can see everything and are always kept in the loop.

Light the candles and scatter some rose petals in the bath water if you like. We’re not ashamed to say that we love what we do and love delighting our customers by bringing ideas, drive and creativity to every project. And we work hard to ensure the whole team is always in the zone where enjoyment, combined with commitment to success, generates amazing results.

We’re not power crazy and never insist on sole control of the development process. Instead, we like to empower you, our customer, to be as involved as possible. Because we know that, ultimately, we’ll be judged on the success of the project.

There’s lots of talent at Qumulus and out in the wider world. With every project, we focus on selecting the best talent. It could be someone we’ve worked with before, or a new hotshot we’ve heard about. Either way, our goal is simple – get you the best talent for the best value, with zero compromise on quality or reliability.

Yes, we’re a software development consultancy. But no, we never limit ourselves to just coding. Modern software development is becoming more about integrating existing solutions and sourcing the right tools for the job. Knowing where to look and what to look for is power. And we’ve bucketloads of that. So, if there’s existing technology that can solve a key problem straight out of the box, we’ll find that box and open it.

We’ve called time on the software development approach that goes Brief > Months and months of work > Big presentation. For us, a way more successful approach entails delivering consistent business value and constant progress. It’s more dynamic, more adaptive and enables us to react to your feedback faster. It leads to more rapid releases and continuous improvement, ensuring our fingers are always on the pulse and that we’re in touch with what’s happening on the ground.

There’s more to a successful software development project than brilliant code. That’s why we bring more to the table than brilliant code. Like expertise across a wide range of IT systems, and the ability to give start-ups all the tech support they need. We can even lend a hand in finding you the best support and operations staff at the most cost-effective prices, if you like.

If you like the sound of what we do and
how we do it, why not approach us?