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Breathing life, bringing passion and delivering expertise into all kinds of IT infrastructure and software development projects.

What We Do

Qumulus is ready to lead or support your digital transformation in six ways:

From designing and building cloud solutions to developing and delivering process improvements  cloud and DevOps, our extensive experience of managing cloud projects for start-ups and digital transformations for small businesses generates impressive results.

We’ll transform your approach to software development from slow and seldom to quick and often. Our processes will get you the best results in the least time, and our people use the latest architecture and technology to deliver mind-blowing quality.

Is your business in a spin over the spiralling costs of the public cloud and looking for an alternative? Or maybe you’re a start-up wanting to start off on the most cost-effective footing with your own cloud? Either way, we’ll show you the benefits and cost-savings of OpenStack.

Most businesses barely scratch the surface when it comes to fully utilising the capabilities of this comprehensive and powerful centralised management tool powered by Azure AD. Let us show you the real returns your business can get from Office 365’s array of apps and tools.

Have you heard how much more efficient the cloud can make your telephony system and communications between colleagues and customers? Our partnership with 3CX means we’re best placed to advise you on and implement a VOIP strategy for your business.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to attract attention from launch, or an established SME needing to upgrade or upscale your web presence, Qumulus has the web design, copywriting, build and branding skills you need.

About Us

Our expertise in DevOps, the cloud, infrastructure, security, UX, and AI comes from years of leading projects and managing teams in established organisations and start-ups.

Qumulus specialises in innovative and totally transparent technical, DevOps and cloud consultancy. We bridge the gap between business and IT, taking a holistic view of those functions and focusing on exceptional end-to-end design and delivery as well as outstanding relationship management.

Although Qumulus is a new name in cloud consultancy, the team behind the brand has vast experience. They are led by Daniel Niasoff, who’s been driving digital transformations and delivering breathtaking results that propel businesses into the stratosphere since 2007.

We’ll help you succeed by taking a unique approach to consultancy that empowers you and enables your business to grow, confidently and independently.

Challenges We Can Help You With

Qumulus is a consultancy that’s specifically designed to help and support start-ups and small businesses.
If the below are the kinds of problems you’re facing, we have the solutions.

I need to save money on AWS. It’s costing me a fortune.

The public cloud can certainly prove expensive! Even leaving a machine on overnight can run up a staggering bill. Talk to us about getting your own cloud for as little as £350 a month.
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I don’t know where to start with my start-up’s IT infrastructure.

You’re likely to have a million and one things on your plate. The last thing you need is unnecessary IT hassles and expenses. Let our expert team show you the way to IT efficiencies and savings.
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Getting my software to market is proving too pricy, slow & difficult.

Being a techy tortoise won’t win you the race to be first to market. We know what it takes to transform your software development pipeline from slow and seldom to a quick and often, more cost-effective operation.
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Can Microsoft Office365 do more for my business than just email?

You’re right there. It can be the cornerstone of your IT framework, and play a key role in your CRM, document management, even your phone system. We’ll show you how.
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I want to integrate my phone services to the cloud. But how?

You can enable simpler and smarter communications between your teams and customers with a comprehensive VOIP strategy. We’ll tell you more and implement one for you, if you like?
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My website is slow, outdated and is not converting.

With a gazillion websites out there, it’s all too easy for humdrum websites to get lost in the ether. We’ll design, build and deliver one that’ll attract attention, compel action and truly reflect your brand.
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